The world of publishing is complex, even arcane. Pink Eraser's editor knows this world well - from the inside.I can help you polish your writing and prepare it for publication. I can help you get published.


Pink Eraser's goal is to help you publish your writing. It distinguishes itself from other editorial support ventures in two ways:

Pink Eraser provides you with a choice of four types of editorial and writing services: copyediting, development editing, book proposal writing, and query letter writing. Giving you a choice of services ensures that your writing will receive the exact kind of attention it needs, whether it is a quick brush through for grammatical mistakes, or a major overhaul of your narrative and its parts.

Pink Eraser's editor teaches you what you need to know about the publishing business so that your manuscript stands a better chance of earning a prominent place on the bookstore shelf. At Pink Eraser, through the advice and skills of an editor who knows the industry from both sides as writer and editor, you can learn what it may take to get your particular project published.


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