"If your manuscript needs a red pencil,a nudge here and there, or a smooth finish, get in touch with Pink Eraser. They are the greatest!"
~ Frank Fox, Sweet Land of Liberty


"In addition to her considerable copy-editing skills, Molly McGrath brings a rare sensibility to her work. She understands what an author is trying to say, appreciates when it is said well and perceives when it needs to be said more effectively. Molly consistently challenged me to make my memoir Graveled Ways the book I wanted it to be. One of her great talents was to have me make sure that parts of the book cohered, and that the sequence of events, which were not always chronological, was presented in an order that made sense. I cannot imagine another editor who could have led me to improve my original manuscript as much as she did. In addition to all her talents as an editor, Molly was always a delight to work with and I looked forward to all of our sessions. I would like very much to work with her again."
~ John McIlvain, Graveled Ways


"The editor I worked with at Pink Eraser has that rare editorial ability not only to understand what an author is trying to accomplish but also to make clear and clear-headed suggestions on how best to achieve those goals. And she has a way of making suggestions that make an author feel like he came up with them himself, even when he didn't!"
~ Stephen Kimber, Sailors, Slackers and Blind Pigs: Halifax at War


"What? Me work with a bloomin' editor?? Someone who's going to slice, cut and whittle my words into oblivion?!" These were my ugly thoughts when my publisher assigned a Pink Eraser editor to my historic novel, The Wayfarers. All of my trepidations faded just as quickly as my respect for my editor grew with each recommendation, each rationale wrestling match and grammatical fix, and with every cut-and-paste. Working on a 600-page novel, loaded with documented facts and blended with author-imagination, counting on our computers (she in Maine, me in California) to finalize the manuscript, can be a strain for most author-editor "marriages"....but, my caring, persistent-consistent, patient and witty editor knew how to smooth out the rough edges....both mine and those in my writing. My next novel, while still in its early stages, already belongs to Pink Eraser's expert editing!"
~ Stuart F. Tower, The Wayfarers


"This note of special thanks goes to my editor, who was not just my editor but also a model of patience and forbearance. Her careful eye, her attention to detail and the larger purpose, and her encouragement and help in matters large and small were necessary to the completion of the work."
~ Brent D. Shaw, Spartacus and the Slave Wars


"My Pink Eraser editor, Molly McGrath, was most helpful both as an editor and as a stabilizing force during years of transition while we worked together to revise the volume from one edition to its successor."
~ David Burner, America Firsthand


"It was a great pleasure working on this book, and I particularly appreciated my development editor's ability to combine editorial rigor with warm enthusiasm."
~ Allan Greer, The Jesuit Relations


"Working with Molly McGrath on several of the books I published was a real pleasure. She is a keen, supportive, but also very incisive editor. Any author who becomes her colleague will benefit."
~ Edward Countryman, What Did the Constitution Mean to Early Americans? & How Did American Slavery Begin?


"Molly McGrath is every writer's dream editor: conscientious, wise, and complimentary, all in one."
~ Jeffrey P. Moran, The Scopes Trial


"It seems to me that it must be very hard to edit your own father's work, especially when he's an old-line grammarian. But Molly did edit my book, and did it with the most wonderful grace and tact. Her eye and ear are unerring; I made every change she suggested, and my book was much better for it. It was a joy to work with her, and I'm proud to join Molly's stable of authors. Thank you, Molly, for seeing me through on this project! Love, Dad. "
~ Paul Kalkstein, Jump the Kennebec


"From start to finish, Molly McGrath is the best of freelance editors."
~ Richard Etulain, César Chávez


"My Pink Eraser editor is a gem and a first rate wordsmith. I was continually amazed by her insights and ability to put her finger on exactly what the text needed. She has a great sense of pacing, drama, tension, humor, and general flow over the entire book. And also a great eye and ear for an elegant and simple style. On top of that, not only is she a great editor, but she’s a lot of fun to work with. So easy, reasonable, and enjoyable. My biggest regret with completing the editing process with her is that I didn’t have the rationale anymore for our weekly phone call! I look forward to working with her again."
~ Susan E.B. Schwartz, Into the Unknown: The Remarkable Life of Hans Kraus


"Pink Eraser editor Molly McGrath is an extraordinarily imaginative and gifted editor."
~ William Beik, Louis XIV and Absolutism








"My developmental editor played a crucial role in making my book a reality. Her editorial skill has made this a far clearer and better volume than it would have been without her. Furthermore, as I moved from Massachusetts to California in the midst of this project, her organization helped hold this project together despite geographical confusion."
~ Brett Flehinger, The 1912 Election and the Power of Progressivism

"Pink Eraser editor Molly McGrath and I have worked together on several projects in recent years. I found her to have great editorial instincts and skills. Additionally, she has a flair for the management of complicated assignments, which got me through a project that had become almost overwhelming. It has been a pleasure to work with Molly in the past and I'm looking forward to the chance to work with her again soon."
~ Michael Richards, The Making of the West

"Publishers demand perfection and Pink Eraser gives you three strong advantages of hooking a publisher. First, my editor's skills are remarkable. She is able to polish your proposal, synopsis, or manuscript to create a work that is marketable to editors in the publishing industry. Also, her immense knowledge of the book world makes her not only an editor but an ally in navigating the twists and turns of the rollercoaster world of agents, editors, and publishers. Lastly, she is professional. She is very accessible and replies promply to your emails, yet is patient in understanding the stress of deadlines. Honestly, if it had not been for her friendship and expertise, my proposal would probably have remained in the slushpile!"
~ Alicia Garrett Cathell, The Best Friend's Book of Weight Loss

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